Repair of Avalon asics

Repair of Avalon Canaan ASIC miners – we accept machines from any city of Russia

UMC service center for mining equipment repair at our store is engaged in repair of Avalon 1066 and following models. And it is convenient for very objective reasons.

Why you should apply for Avalon repair in UMC?

  • Masters with great experience, really worked with all types of ASIC miners. Through their hands they check the equipment, and they can easily localize and fix the faults of all the other ASIC miners on the crypto-mining market: Bitmain, Whatsminer, Innosilicon and others.
  • There are replacement parts in stock in Moscow: new and from similar equipment, original and universal of suitable configuration. Specialists will determine exactly whether the parts are suitable for the technique.
  • We perform urgent repair of Avalon Kanaan asics. We diagnose most failures within an hour of contact. We do everything to ensure that your equipment is not idle without work.
We offer:

  • Avalon ASIC miner repair
  • Repair of internal/original power supplies
  • Overclocking/improving cooling system for overclocking
  • Resoldering/repair of hash boards
  • Control boards, hash-boards replacement

Always willing to advise customers on repair costs, duration and ways of solving problems. Our motto is absolute transparency.

Do not leave an ASIC miners if you noticed a malfunction! Small breakage can lead to overheating and complete failure, then the repair price will increase! Better go to the service center immediately if you suspect overheating/ lack of performance/unusual uncharacteristic noises/interruptions in stable operation. UMC will fix it.