Selling mining farms for you

GPU farms are currently used for mining altcoins.

A mining farm can be assembled by yourself, which will nevertheless require some effort and knowledge. In addition, it is not enough to assemble the farm, it is also necessary to be able to run it and make the overclock.

Overclocking video cards is a procedure,
which will require professionalism from the overclocker.
A mistake can break the video card.

We deliver already assembled GPU farms. You will not need to select the hardware and configure the equipment. You can buy GPU farm in our office or pre-order a device. We can send your order to any region of the world.

We build GPU farms on the best graphics cards:
• 2060 S Afox RTX2060SUPER 8GB
• 3060 Palit RTX3060 DUAL OC 12GB
• 3070 Palit RTX3070 GAMINGPRO OC 8GB
• 3080 Palit RTX3080 GAMEROCK 10GB
• 3090 Ti PalitRTX3090Ti GAMEROCK 24G

And many other graphics cards with great features! You will always find great prices on our devices. We assemble farms of 4-12 video cards. Buying a ready-made mining farm is easier than spending your time waiting for components and assembling.

Contact our managers and get a free consultation.