Check Up of Miners

Fast and professional checking of ASIC miners

The payback and profit of an ASIC miner depends on the stability of its operation. If you are buying used equipment, there is no warranty. How can you check its performance and protect yourself from financial losses?

UMC specialists, who are responsible for testing and repairing devices, will help you. UMC carries out a thorough check of used ASIC miners.

Technical experts of UMC:
  • Are familiar with all the "weaknesses" of the well-known lines - L3+, L7, S9, S19XP, M30s, M31s, M50, E9 - and all others
  • Check hash rate stability
  • Check condition of connectors and boards
  • Check the cooling system and check the operating temperature

How much does it cost to check an ASIC miner?

Device check-up costs 350 rubles

Cleaning your ASIC miner depends on the model of the device - from 500 to 1000 rubles.

We can help you with the repair:
  • We have our own service center with experienced professionals
  • Have their own spare parts warehouse. You will not have to wait for components

Our experts are always ready to help you with checking ASIC miners!

Attention! We don't check video cards