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"I always choose development...a gene of movement is in my blood.
"You work 24/7." – one would say, but I say: "freedom of movement, work from any place in the world, dream job."
I always seeking for people with similar values. That's what HR is all about - building a team that looks the same way. You never know what's coming next...an office in Dubai or maybe Shanghai?
I'm always on the lookout for top talent, message me via telegram @Naomi_8381"
HR Director
Alena Naumova
"One should be afraid of their dreams, as the dreams come true. One shouldn’t choose to be a log, of course, or a stone buried in the ground, but should put in the effort, work, dig inside the objects. And in the end all efforts will pay off."
"The future is much more than money. Today, wealth is measured not only in currency flows, but in opportunities and freedom. To keep up with the speed of technology and business, we stay agile act effectively and keep up with the speed of change."
The main value for me is people - my team, my colleagues and partners. I’m grateful to people who are passionate about their job, whose daily efforts move the company forward.
While the industry is changing rapidly, attitude, relationships and support are the most important values. I am glad that our clients, our partners over the years have become our friends.
Technical Service Director
Vasily Chumanov
Executive Director
Anna Nasibulina
Dmitry Antipin
"The higher is your value as an expert, the higher is the cost of your time. There are a lot of talented guys in Russia today with a technical mindset, who are willing to learn and get into the details of asics and mining. I am constantly looking for technicians and those who mine themselves. My e-mail for resumes is it.dir@umc-group.ru "
"I am inspired with technologies and the speed of change, the new opportunities to grow and achieve my goals. But the main inspiration is the people around me. My clients, colleagues, investors - those who are not afraid of the new, the unknown, searching to change the world, making it brighter and more diverse.
Head of Monitoring
Maxim Gema
Head of Sales
Liya Alexandrova
My job is a continuous process of controlling changes in a fast-growing industry, assessment and analysis of the profitability of projects and resources. Today the company has two priority tasks: maintaining growth rate and completing digitalization of all business processes.
"The main thing, when one is moving forward, is not to forget that there is also the state and its laws. At the moment of implementation of the crypto-project – one should remember that there are wise people in the legal department, whose advice will help a lot."
Chief Financial Officer
Julia Shcherbakova
Director of Legal Affairs
Alexey Pogorelov
I first heard about bitcoin in 2014 from my university teacher on information security. At that time it was worth $800. In 2017 I came to work at UMC: I participated in the construction of the data center, organized equipment supplies from Hong Kong. I like to watch the growth of the company and the industry - the equipment is updated year by year, and the bitcoin price of $20,000 is considered the "winter" price.
"I am on call in the morning, in the afternoon, in the evening and even at night, because clients call and write from different time zones. The phone is always in my hand. I accompany the deals, get into all issues and do everything to resolve them. I like my clients and like to know 100 percent about the products and prices. That's awesome!"
Technology is changing rapidly, asics have become much more powerful, bigger and louder than in 2017. Now the hash rate of 140-150 terrahash is a new standart, and the requirements for technical security of networks are growing. I like the advantages of working in an active business environment - you notice new projects faster, you understand the nuances, and you can calculate the real cost of investment.
Warehouse Inspector
Evgeny Tsibizov
Sales Manager
Alena Pastuhova
Senior Technical Support Specialist
Alexey Ivlev
Sales Manager
Anastasia Zavalunova
We attract the best talents and devoted professionals. Our team is 85 people who are truly passionate about their work, digitalization, and technology. We keep touching the pulse of the market day and night, we mine, host and deliver both on weekdays and weekends.
"I like the fact that everything is workings as it should and that I have a hand in it and it keeps works. I feel like every day I'm getting in order and removing elements of chaos from the system."
Senior Monitoring Specialist
Vasily Baberdin
"I have quickly understood that working from call to call is not that interesting to me. The equipment I monitor is bought by clients in batches at different times. I'm interested in difficult cases, how to get the most out of the equipment, how to overlock it. The more complex is the case and the setup tasks - the better."
"Spend your time wisely, change, learn and earn" is what I tell myself every day. For me, independence and the ability to earn remotely is one of the definitions of happiness.
I love crypto,
blocks and chains.
It’s Apocalypto
We rule the game ©
Senior Monitoring Specialist
Danila Schedrin
Sales Manager
Julia Gretskaya
Senior Monitoring Specialist
Nikita Vasilenko
E-mail for resumes:
"I have dealt with technology all my life, since 2017 I have been working in technical service at UMC. I have to keep up with technology all the time and the growth in computing power over the years has been incredible. I'm glad I caught it at UMC."
The job can be yours
Hiring Talents
Senior Technical Support Specialist
Denis Antonov