Graphics Cards

Top video cards for mining in 2023

Mining video cards are cards designed not only for computer games, but also for mining alternative cryptocurrencies. They are used both by beginners and experienced miners. Of them collect mining farms (from 4 to 12 video cards, optimally from 6).

With video cards the choice of cryptocurrencies for mining is almost unlimited. Miners who assemble farms from video cards are not tied to a specific cryptocurrency. They can switch from one coin to another.

A farm is usually made up of the best video game cards that can easily be sold after use. The hash power of the farm will depend on the number of video cards in it. The more there are, the higher the performance and therefore the profitability of the farm.

We have the best video cards for mining:
  • RX 580 Sinotex Ninja RX580 8GB
  • 6600 ASRock RX6600 Challenger D 8GB
  • 6700 XT PowerColor RX6700XT 12GB
  • 6750 XT Gigabyte RX6750XT GAMING OC 12GB
  • 1660 S Afox GTX1660SUPER 6GB
  • 2060 S Palit RTX2060SUPER M 8GB
  • 3060 Gigabyte RTX3060 12GB
  • 3070 Palit RTX3070 GAMINGPRO OC 8GB
  • 080 Ti Palit RTX3080Ti GAMINGPRO 12GB
  • 3090 Ti Palit RTX3090Ti GAMEROCK 24GB

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