VIABTC Pool Discount

Discount on ViaBTC pool connection

50% discount on Via BTC pool commission
When registering with our referral link

Why choose Via BTC pool?

Proven by time. Founded 6 years ago.
PPS+ payments - if you get a small amount of cryptocurrencies you also get additional income.
Supports a large number of algorithms (over 12)
High total capacity - 224 exahexes
Auto-switching between currencies. For example, between BTC, BCH and BSV. The system switches to more profitable coin at any given moment (you can earn 8-14% more)
You can set up auto exchange in USDT and BTC currencies.
When mining LTC - there is a DOGE accrual, parallel mining

Your funds will be safe. Your phone number will be tied to your account + you will need to pass the two-factor verification.

You can mine cryptocurrency in 3 ways:
  • Auto-switching.
  • Switching manually
  • MM (Merged Mining) - common token mining

Via BTC enables:

Auto-exchange between cryptocurrencies based on their yield (BTC, BCH, BSV)
Auto exchange USD and BTC on the pool.
Easy transfer. You can transfer income from the pool to CoinEx exchange without commission at any time.
Daily report. You can get information about your income every day.
Easy withdrawal. You can withdraw money to your wallet even every hour.
Cashback. Transparent system of cashback and referral payments, you can view them at any time.
Lifetime discounts. Users in Europe and the CIS can get a 30% discount on the pool commission for life.

It's worth connecting to the pool through UMC, because...
Our specialists provide comprehensive device and wallet setup. Joining Via BTC pool through us will give you a discount.