Avalon hash board repair

Price 16 500 RUB

Repair of Avalon hash board by certified specialists

Check hash board is the main computing power of ASIC miner, on the chips embedded in it and lies all the work on solving the problems and obtaining the reward - crypto. Therefore, its malfunction affects the work of the miner immediately, the performance decreases, it affects the income of mining. If you have not been engaged in the repair of ASIC miners before, we do not recommend that you immediately take up the repair of the board - often the definition of failure is carried out on the testing equipment, and the repair itself requires a special skill. It is too easy for an inexperienced novice to cause irreparable damage.
UMC's ASIC miner repair service center performs all types of work on Avalon miner repair, including Avalon Canaan hash board repair, controllers, built-in power supplies.

What is tested during diagnostics by a real craftsman before repairing Avalon hash board:

  • The heat level of the chips - no overheating during standard operation, their glow rate and maximum temperature.
  • Quality and condition of electronic components
  • Circuit integrity
  • Testing equipment can identify the problem within one hour and determine if the failed electronic components are repairable or replaceable. If the level of damage is too high, we offer a full replacement of the Avalon hash board with a similar new or boo one from the same Kanaan ASIC miner.

Why it's more convenient to turn to UMC for repair:

  • Parts and components are always on hand, repairs can be completed within an hour/working day
  • We work remotely with clients - we accept your ASIC miner with delivery by TK, advise you on detected problems, and after the repair we make a video to check and fix the equipment

Our masters will cope with repair of any complexity, so you can trust the experts in their business!