Avalon Built-in Power Pack Repair

Price 14 000 RUB

Repair of Avalon embedded power supplies - cheaper than any new power supply

Savings are hidden profits. The main thing is that savings are reasonable and do not turn into even bigger expenses. The methods of reasonable savings include repair of failed built-in power supply units from the ASIC miners in service centers that specialize in mining equipment.

Although piatnium blocks are more versatile equipment than ASIC miners and components for them, faulty built-in original power supply units require much more knowledge than it takes to repair simple blocks at services.

Why it's better to entrust Avalon's power supply to UMC's repair service:

  • Free diagnosis in just an hour - you'll get a full report on the condition of your unit.
  • Repair within a day - fully equipped workshops for technicians allow us to work quickly and efficiently
  • Transparent prices for repair and price list for spare parts
  • Parts are already in stock at the UMC service center
  • We can send you repaired Avalon unit to any region - we are glad to meet our clients from all regions

We repair not only Avalons! They have huge experience in Bitmain, Innosilicon, Wharsminer Ramps repair. It's always cheaper than buying a new one. If the unit is not repairable, we will always offer universal or similar models. Including boo, so you can save money without losing power efficiency.