Overclock of Miners

Flashing ASIC miners - overclock your devices!

You can make your ASIC miner more productive. Thanks to overclocking you won't have to wait for your device to pay off. Your ASIC miner speed will increase and you'll be able to start generating income faster.
UMC will provide you with firmware with a warranty, improving the performance of the device

What do you get with the firmware?
  • 20-40% higher hash rate
  • Better card and chip performance
  • Temperature monitoring, heat protection
  • 1 TH/s less power consumption
  • Automatic chip frequency updates
  • Stability of operation by following instructions. UMC will provide technology-safe software

The cost of installing the firmware of any device 500 rubles
For each device we offer a special overclocking. Our specialists will advise you on flashing your device completely free of charge.