The manufacturer Innosilicon Technology was founded jointly by entrepreneurs from the United States and China. The company's original specialization was graphics cards.

The history of Innosilicon

Innosilicon from the very beginning attracted investments and relied on relatively low cost of equipment, because the company had to catch up with the market leaders. In the mining market, the plant is known as the manufacturer of the Terminator series of ASIC miners Terminator.

In 2018, Innosilicon was the first video card company to overcome the major technical bottleneck of high bandwidth GDDR6 memory and realize mass production of high-performance GPUs. In 2019, Innosilicon announced the availability of HDMI 2.1 IP. 2020 saw the launch of HBM2e technology and INNOLINK Chiplet, a high-performance computing platform (CPU / GPU / NPU). In 2021, Innosilicon released the world's first proven silicon IP GDDR6X PHY and a controller based on Micron's GDDR6X memory chips.

Access to technological research of Samsung and TSCM, cooperation as a key supplier for such companies as TSMC, Samsung, GlobalFoundries, SMIC, Intel, HLMC, XMC allow the company to be constantly on the cutting edge of technology in the struggle for leadership.

Today, Innosilicon has 12 branches, 9 of which are located in China (Shanghai, Beijing, Wuhan, Zhuhai, Suzhou, Xi'an, Chengdu, Dalian, Shenzhen) and three, together with research centers, in London, Toronto and Silicon Valley.

The 2022 plant also produces asics for mining altcoins such as Litecoin, Zcash, Decred and Dash.