Crypto wallet and pool setup

Cryptocurrency wallet and pool setup

With our recommendations you will be able to set up an e-wallet and join a pool by yourself

Are you just taking your first steps in mining and don't know how to set up a purse and join a pool? UMC specialists will show and explain you everything in details.

You will have the necessary information to register a purse and connect.

What will you be able to do after consultation?

  • Create a cryptocurrency wallet
  • Make a registration on the mining pool
  • Make settings to start mining cryptocurrencies
  • Get all the necessary accesses

You will prepare your cryptocurrency wallet for mining and you can easily enter the industry yourself without tipycal mistakes at the start.

And it's all completely FREE!

After consultation with our specialist you will be able to mine any coin you need - bitcoin, ethereum, dogecoin and other cryptocurrencies.

UMC recommends you to work only with reliable exchanges and pools. Cooperation with them will help you to quickly set up your cryptocurrency wallet and start mining without unnecessary risks.

Thanks to the advice of our technical specialists you can easily and quickly set up your wallet and connect to a pool, avoid mistakes when entering the industry. This way you will have confidence in the efficient operation of your devices and their productivity.