iPollo Miner - is a new manufacturer of mining devices. Appeared on the market in 2022. It is headquartered in Singapore. Thanks to its rugged and compact devices, the company in a short time has become a worthy competitor for other manufacturers of ASIC miners. Most of the equipment of this manufacturer is designed for ether mining and ethereum classic.

Ipollo products
The company produces ASIC miners under its own brand for
Ethereum mining:
Ipollo V1, Ipollo V1 Mini, Ipollo V1 Mini SE, Ipollo V1 Mini SE Plus, Ipollo V1 Mini (Limited Edition)

For Ethereum Classic mining:
Ipollo V1 Classic, Ipollo V1 Mini Classic Plus, Ipollo V1 Mini Classic Wi-Fi version

For mining alternative Grin coin:
Ipollo G1.

For mining Bitcoin cryptocurrency:
Ipollo B1L.

The most popular ASIC miner of the brand - Ipollo V1 mini for mining ethereum classic with a performance of 130 MH/s with a power consumption of 104 W. Small and silent device is great for mining cryptocurrencies at home.

UMC (Ural Mining Company) has been cooperating with the Ipollo factory since 2022. Supplies the devices directly and delivers them by proven transportation companies in Russia. We have equipment in stock and available for pre-order. Free consulting on mining - from settings to coin mining.