BITMAIN (the main product brand is ANTMINER) is now the leading manufacturer of digital currency mining asics in the world. According to various estimates, it owns up to 70% of the global market share in the blockchain asic manufacturing segment. BITMAIN has about 1,000 employees and 10 R&D centers, enabling it to set the bar high for innovation. The company has an extensive network of subsidiaries in the U.S., Singapore, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and, as of 2018, its own data centers in Canada.

History of BITMAIN plant:
The company is headquartered in Beijing. BITMAIN was founded in China in 2013. It was they who pioneered the development of the bitcoin mining market in their time. The first model to go into mass production was the ANTMINER S1 (BTC).

In 2014 ANTMINER S2, S3, S4 and S5 (BTC) were released and ANTPOOL, one of the world's leading mining pools, was created. In May 2021 the pool became a separate company and is developing independently.

Since 2015 Bitmain has been the world's number one producer of ASIC miners.

In 2016, the ANTMINER S9, the first generation "Machine King" is released, which changed the energy efficiency ratio index in the industry and provided the transition to the 100 J/T era. It was one of the most popular ASIC miners of its time. New drivers for it came out in July 2022 - the ASIC miners is still going strong after 6 years.
SOPHON, an artificial intelligence (AI) brand, was launched and split off and merged with SOPHGO in 2021.

In 2017, alternative currency mining ASIC miners were brought to market: ANTMINER D3 (DASH), ANTMINER L3+(LTC), ANTMINER A3 (SC).
In 2018, the factory is releasing more new models ANTMINER E3 (ETH), ANTMINER Z9 (ZEC), ANTMINER D5 (DASH), ANTMINER L3++ and L5 (LTC), and ANTMINER DR3 (DCR) and ANTMINER X3(XMC).

In 2019, ANTMINER S17 (BTC,BCH,BSV) was created, which brought the industry into the 40 J/T era.
In 2020, ANTMINER S19 (BTC, BCH, BSV) was released, which brought the industry into the 30 J/T era.

And again in 2021 - a technological breakthrough, the transition to 20 J/T technology. Today, the ANTMINER S19 XP (BTC,BCH,BSV) is one of the most frequently requested models by investors upgrading their fleets. BITMAIN is improving and promoting hydrocooled ASIC miners.

In July 2022, the ANTMINER E9 (ETH), one of the most powerful models for etherium (ETH and ETC) mining, went on sale today. It is believed that the new ASIC miners is equivalent to 25 NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 video cards! Its specifications: hash rate 2400M, power consumption 1920W, energy efficiency 0,8 J/MH, chip: BM1391.

New models for mining altcoins ANTMINER D7 (DASH) and ANTMINER L7 (LTC) are announced.

UMC (Ural Mining Company) has signed a direct contract for the supply of equipment since 2017 and provides its customers with reliable delivery, the best prices and advice on mining - from settings to coins.