Mining Farms Assembly

Assembly of cryptocurrency mining farms

Do you want a mining farm? You no longer need to worry about parts and assembly. We'll do everything for you, you'll only have to pick up the finished farm.

Technical specialists UMC have assembled dozens of reeves from scratch. The cost of the farm pays off quickly. The finished construction will serve you for a long time.

What elements will your farm be assembled of? We will provide all the necessary components for your farm: housing, power supply units, coolers, raisers.

We assemble mining farms from 8 video cards of your choice.

The cost of your future farm consists of:

The cost of video cards (depending on models) + the cost of services to assemble the farm (other components, assembly and configuration -100 000 rubles). The new rig will work easily, quickly and powerfully!

Also, you can always buy from us a ready-made mining farm.