We deliver mining equipment to the client's door

We deliver ASIC miners, mining farms and accessories all over the world.

Delivery time from other countries:
UAE: 3 to 5 days by air
Bahrain: 4 to 5 days by air
Qatar: 5 to 6 days by air
India: 12 - 15 days by air, 40 by car
USA: 15-20 days by air, 30-40 days by car
Australia: 5 to 6 days by air
Canada: 14 to 19 days by air
Europe: 4-6 days by air, 35-40 days by car
3 - 4 days air from availability
7 - 10 days by car from stock
15 - 18 days air on request
30 - 40 days for order
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia:
3 - 5 days by air, 7 days by car
14-16 days avia on order
14 - 16 days avia and 7 days auto upon order 30 - 40 days auto upon order
Belarus: 3 days by air, 5 days by car - from availability

Delivery methods

Self-delivery from Moscow, Irkutsk, Chelyabinsk, Novosibirsk
By courier delivery service to any place in Moscow and Moscow region
Transport company (Business Line, SDEC) in the place that is more convenient to the customer, both in Russia and around the world.
International delivery by car and air

ASIC miners delivery in Moscow and Moscow region

If you live in Moscow, come to our warehouse and take your paid order. Right there you will be able to connect and check your equipment. We'll buy you coffee and tell you how to configure everything. Also we can send your devices by transport company in Moscow and Moscow region (Yandex delivery or other courier service).

Delivery of the mining equipment in Russia

Delivery within Russia takes 4-7 days (SDEK, Business Line or other transportation company by agreement).

If you want to get the equipment as quickly as possible, you can send Business Line Air - delivery takes 3 days. Air via the airport - 1-2 days. In the case of air-delivery you will need to pick up the equipment yourself at the airport.

If you made a pre-order, the cost includes only shipping to Moscow, the further movement of goods is paid separately.

The cost of delivery of ASIC miners in Russia:

Car delivery - 800 - 1200 rubles per ASIC miner.

Air business lines - about 2000 - 24000 rubles.

Airport - about 3000 rubles per ASIC miner.