Avalon Control Board Repair

Price 8 000 RUB

Avalons are a good alternative to ASIC miners from such mining giants as Bitmain or Innosilicon. Many lines with similar hash rate are even more affordable, so you don't want to lose profit from profitable investment in case of breakage after warranty period. UMC offers to solve the problem without big expenses - to detect the broken part and just to repair it, but not to sell the ASIC miner.

Moreover, it's quite easy to detect the breakage of Avalon control board, as a rule it is characterized by complete stopping of mining, or its "blinking" presence when connecting. After all, the control board is the operational center of the ASIC miner, controlling all mining processes. And we know how to repair or replace the control board of Avalon as gently as possible, quickly, and most importantly - affordably.

What UMC service center offers to those who want to repair the Avalon control board:
  • A two-week warranty on all the work we do.
  • Parts availability (new or used at a discount)
  • Repair within 1 day
  • Transparent prices and estimate of the cost of work - no additional fees, which are already at the end of the price list
  • Cooperation with customers from any city in Russia: send your ASIC miner to our office, we will accept it and bring it back to life.

Think it's not just the control board? We'll find the reason that's stopping you from mining. Wizards will repair Avalon hash boards, integrated power supplies, get the cooling system back to normal, and check the electrical circuitry.

We have been dealing with mining hardware for almost five years, hundreds of boards have passed through our hands, that's why we call ourselves professionals.