Ebang is a well-known manufacturer on the market of mining equipment. The company is engaged in the development of devices and chips, cryptocurrency exchange, the design of chips for ASIC miners. Ebang released the first ASIC miner Ebit E9 in 2016. Devices of this manufacturer are aimed at mining bitcoin.

Company history:
2010 г. Mr. Hu Dong established Ebang to produce hardware
2014 г. The company researched and developed devices for cryptocurrency mining
2015 г. Ebang went public on the national stock exchange (NEEQ).
2016 г. The company launched the BPU product line E9.
2017 г. The Ebit E10 ASIC miner was released, the first affordable cryptocurrency mining device. The device used a 10-nanometer chip. At the same time, the company began to provide hosting services for the mining equipment.
2019 Ebit E9.2 device was released. 8nm and 7nm chips were completed.
2020 г. On June 26, the company was listed on Nasdaq.
2020.г. Ebang received a patent license for Asic Boost technology, which allows it to increase BTC mining performance by about 20%.
2021.г. A chip for simultaneous LTC and DOGE mining was developed.
2021.г. Design of a 6-nanometer ASIC chip was completed.
2021.г. Launch of EBONEX cryptocurrency exchange platform

The main faces of the company are:
Mr. Hu Dong - chairman and CEO
Ms. Peng Chunquan - director and deputy CEO
Mr. Mo Ginzuze, Mr. Su Mingming, Gao Yanqing - appointed independent directors

Advantages of Ebang ASIC miners:
  • More affordable equipment
  • Components are of latest technology
  • Low power consumption