Re-selling Your Miners

We will sell your used ASIC miners for you

When upgrading the fleet of ASICs and switching to more powerful devices, miners often sell their old machines. However, finding a buyer can be not that easy. If you are looking for a buyer, you can contact UMC. We are ready to sell used ASIC miners and new mining devices. Contact our specialists and we will sell it for you to proven buyers.

What kind of ASIC miners can UMC sell?

UMC can sell used miners:
  • Antminer S9e/S9k/ Z11/Z15/S19/S19 Pro
  • Innosilicon T2 Turbo
  • Whatsminer M20/M30s
  • Other devices

We can also sell new ASIC miners. Our specialists are available around the clock.

What do you get when you sell an ASIC miner through UMC?

  • Reliable buyers. We send newsletters to all our clients right away. If our clients are interested in your ASIC miners, they will contact us and we can sell them as soon as possible.
  • Adequate cost of used machines.
  • Diagnostics. Our specialists will detect errors and check the functionality of your machines for sale. Give an honest assessment of the condition of your equipment.
  • Mobility of cooperation and flexibility.
  • You can choose new devices or use more modern models of ASIC miners to replace your old ones.

Contact our specialists! Our managers are available 24/7 and respond quickly. Resell the unnecessary devices as soon as possible and upgrade thanks to UMC