Antminer S19 repair with quick diagnostics

Any downtime of a ASIC miner S19 is a lost profit, because the line has one of the best hash rates among all the manufacturers of mining equipment.

How long will it take to repair a T19 or S19?
Quick troubleshooting. We know all probable problems and the fastest ways to repair them. Standard diagnosis of the cause of failure takes an hour, in complex cases - up to a day.

Most of the control and hash boards for replacement are in stock at our service center, so you don't have to wait for a replacement part to be ordered and delivered. The better the repair service is equipped, the faster the fixing of your ASIC miner.

How much does it cost to repair S19?
First of all, it depends on the extent of the breakdown. If the built-in native power supply is defective, it can be replaced with a new, used. Here are the rates for fixing the most frequent malfunctions of models S19, T19 from Bitmain.
  • Repair power supply for S19, T19 at a price of 10 000r.
  • Replacing the control board Bitmain S19 / T19 for a new one - 15 000r.
  • Bitmain S19/T19 hash board - 30 000r

Remember, trying to repair S19, T19 ashc without the appropriate experience and equipment can lead to more problems. Therefore, if you need a complex technique for mining cryptocurrencies, it is more advantageous to apply to the service center to repair UMC ASIC miners.

We work not only in Moscow with clients who appear in our service center in person. UMC has experience working with all regions. We'll accept your ASIC miner with the delivery service, we'll fix it and send it back - all stages of work and replacement parts are agreed online with the customer. Rest easy, your ASIC miners are in the hands of specialists!