Antminer S19 control board repair

Price 8 000 RUB

Repair of Antminer S19 control board - fast return of a profitable ASIC miner

Breakdown of the S19 control board almost always means a complete loss of productivity and non-functionality of the ASIC miner, because the control board is responsible for the coherence of all processes inside. If one of the boards or a few chips in the miner fails, it will still work. In such a case, there is always time to order replacement parts, while the control board needs to be replaced immediately.

Why it is convenient to order S19 control board repair at UMC:
  • Transparency at all stages. After diagnostics we make a plan of work, declare the final amount and take on them only after the approval of the client.
  • Diagnostics of S19 breakdowns in an hour. You can bring your ASIC miner to our service center and expect a full report today.
  • Large spare parts warehouse. We have our own store of mining equipment, so we have one of the largest selection of boards, modules, coolers and other parts for fixing miners in Moscow.
  • Wizards with experience. No "general profile", we specialize in mining equipment and its repair, we have all the special equipment for faster diagnosis and repair.
  • We do not limit the client to the geography of the location. We will easily accept your ASIC miner from any region, carefully packed and sent back after repairing. We work all over the country.

In addition to repairing the S19 control board, we can easily replace hashes and controls on all Bitmain ranges - from L3+ to S9, S17 and Pro versions. And we will also repair the built-in power supply if you never want to give it up and replace it with a non-original one.