Repair of Antminer S19 hash board

Price 15 000 RUB

Repair hash board Bitmain S19 in Moscow in a short time
Broken hash board on an ASIC miner is one of the most important problems for high-performance miners, because it immediately affects the hash, and, as a consequence, the profits of the ASIC miner. If you notice a drop in the hash of your Bitmain S19, it is worth contacting a UMC repair service center. We have special equipment in our repair shop to test the hash boards so we can identify areas that are not working and fix the problem quickly.

How do I know that there is a bad hash board in Bitmain ASIC miner S19?
  • Run the ASIC miner, connecting each of the boards separately.
  • The MinerStatus interface will show the working boards, while the non-working board will not be visible.
  • If the MinerStatus shows crosses on the board, this is a clear indication that it is the board that is responsible for the drop in performance of the entire ASIC miner. It is the one that should be checked for "gaps" on the special equipment.

You can apply for S19 hash board repair or order a new one for replacement directly from Bitmain. There are also boo boards from similar models at a discounted price in the warehouse of our ASIC miner repair center, so you can reduce the cost of repair.

You can
  • repair hash board for S19 by sending or delivering in person your ASIC miner to our Moscow service center.
  • Send your mining machine by a delivery from another region
  • Order a replacement part, if you're sure that this is the reason of lost productivity.

UMC repairers strongly advise you not to repair ASIC miner S19 on your own, if you don't have enough equipment and minimal experience. This is an expensive and profitable technique, it is not worth the risk. If you intend to do the repair with your own hands, it is worth starting with the more inexpensive miners of older models.

We are waiting for you to repair also S17, T17, S17+, T17e, pro and all Bitmain series and lines. We have a lot of experience!