Repair Antminer S17 - from 15 000 rubles

Repair Antminer S17 - from 15 000 rubles.

Bitmain's Antminer S17 line is known for its excellent hash rates and easy maintenance. But even such proven ASIC miners sometimes fail, and the repair of S17 ASIC miner is required.

In a complex technique, everything is interconnected, and if one part breaks, it leads to the failure of all other modules.

We can quickly repair the S17, whichever functional module is damaged:
  • Control board
  • Hash board
  • Power supply
  • Coolers

What could be the cause of an ASIC miner S17 hash board failure?
  • Failure of one of the hash boards is one of the most common problems with Antminer S17. It is easy to notice, the hash board begins to mine with reduced performance. Such a problem will be quickly diagnosed in the service center and the board will be replaced with a new one.
  • Insufficient cooling when working at high power. When the ASIC miner is running at high frequencies or has been additionally overclocked, the standard cooling system may be insufficient. This leads to overheating and failure of all work. It is easy to solve the problem, just by upgrading the cooling system or putting more efficient coolers.
  • Damage to the power supply circuit due to high loads, resulting in a decrease in the amount of calculable operations. The wizard will identify the faulty chip by sequentially checking each element on the board.
  • Damaged power controller.

If you are not experienced in repair of complex equipment, we strongly recommend not to try to "self-treat" your ASIC miners. Repair Antminer S17 with specialists will cost cheaper and will be carried out much faster and more professionally.

We diagnose failures within a working day, and UMC always has spare parts for S17 repair in stock. Your ASIC miner will not stand idle!