Repair of Antminer S17 hash board

Price 7 000 RUB

Bitmain S17 hash board repair - don't let you lose even a part of your hash rate

There are 65 BM1397 chips on one S17 hash board. The whole board is divided into 13 cards with 5 chips on each card. And any of them can fail, breaking the integrity of the whole board. And this entails a one-third drop in the performance of the board. For such a productive ASIC miner this is too big a performance lapse, this should not be allowed.
The Bitmain S17 hash board repair in the UMC service center is a quick way to restore the ASIC miner performance. You can either quickly replace them with a new or used board, or order chip repair and re-soldering, it all depends on the degree of board breakage.

What gives you hash board repair S17 Bitmain in Pushmeiner:
  • We diagnose the breakdown immediately, know all the main causes of breakdowns and have the equipment to test
  • We always have a replacement part in our warehouse: New directly from Bitmain factory or used from similar equipment at affordable prices.
  • Always in touch with the customer even when ordering remotely. We send you a detailed report as well as a repair plan. Everything is done only with the client's confirmation
  • We work with all cities of Russia, we'll take your ASIC miner for repair with delivery.

We'll repair all breakages. Not only the S17 hash board, but also replace the clusters, check the power supply, restore its functionality, replace the plumes - everything will be as new
Bitmain hardware is top-notch in terms of reliability and build quality, so even after the repair they will work stably.