Antminer S17 control board repair

Price 8 000 RUB

Bitmain S17 control board repair - causes of breakage and repair options

Bitmain ASIC miners are known for their reliability, they have shown themselves well on long runs. However, even with them there are problems, the good thing is that this is a very common series, and masters can not only very quickly determine the point of failure, but also unmistakably fix the breakage. And there are always replacement parts available for S17 ASIC miners - new original ones from the supplier, or from the used ASIC miners in good condition.

What could be the cause of a broken Bitmain S17 control board?
  • Manufacturing defect. A small percentage is detected immediately still under warranty, but if the miner has been bu more than half a year, the manufacturer removes it from technical support.
  • The board has broken away from the loop, the ashik stopped seeing it in the software. This is quite a common cause, related both to stubs (inexpensive repair), and to the malfunction already in the control S17. In the second case, it is strongly not recommended to repair S17 on your own, it can entail the failure of related parts.
  • Overheating, leading to melting, failure of elements on the board. This is a consequence of a clogged cleaning system, unstable operation of the cooler, or overheating, if the ASIC miner was forced to work in a room with a high temperature by itself. Such a board is already difficult to fix, so it is recommended to replace the control board Bitmain S17.

How does the service center for repair of mining equipment UMC offers to cope with the breakage of the control board?
  • Diagnostics within an hour for clients in Moscow, also we are ready to accept your equipment by TK delivery from any city of Russia
  • Testing of boards on special equipment (for localization of damages)
  • Repair plan (or replacement for spare parts, if economically more reasonable and reliable).

UMC craftsmen are accepted only after confirmation of the repair plan by the client, always in touch! Your miner has never been in such capable hands.