Repairing an Innosilicon control board

Price 8 000 RUB

Innosilicon control board repair - get your ASIC miner back up and running in no time

Failure diagnostics. We try to determine the cause of the breakage immediately, within an hour to give an answer to the customer. In complicated cases during the working day.

We check contacts and control board circuit to pinpoint the cause of the failure. The cause of the breakdown may be overheating due to ventilation malfunction, or the board may have fallen off due to heavy vibration or shock during transportation. The main thing is to establish whether the breakage was an isolated case or indicates that in the entire ASIC miner must be checked for other components.

We offer repair or replacement of the Innosilicon control board. To reduce the cost of repairs in our warehouse contains not only new, but also used components for most current models of ASIC miners.

Please pay attention! If a part is burned out and can not be repaired it is better to replace it with a new one after you find out the cause of burning (short circuit, overheating).
We fix all Innosilicon components: hash boards, integrated power supplies, power supply system. Whatever failure is affecting the hash board or even stopping the ASIC miner from working, we will detect it on our testing equipment.

We work with clients from Moscow and other cities. UMC is friendly with TC and always ready to accept an ASIC miner for repair and send it to a client after a video report on its faultless operation. Now you do not need to look for a specialist in your city and take the risk by trusting the expensive technique to self-taught, certified craftsmen guarantee that the technique will be repaired without error with special tools.

You can find the prices for the main works on the website, and ask the operator clarifying questions by phone, at the post office of the Internet store or via a convenient messenger.