Repair of Innosilicon T2T and T3 ASIC miners - quick part replacement without waiting

Failure of a productive ASIC miners Innosilicon T2T or T3, T3+ may not immediately lead to its downtime, even with a loss of performance. But it is always an increased risk of further failure, which can become even more costly or even unrepairable.
Therefore, if a fault is detected in Innosilicon Miner, it is necessary to diagnose the cause of the breakdown and remove it as soon as possible. Our service center will cope with this, both in Moscow and remotely.

Why repair your Innosilicon T2T/T3 at UMC?
  • Our specialists will quickly diagnose not only the obvious, for any experienced miner, breakdowns, but also the hidden, most dangerous ones.
  • The entire process and Innosilicon T2T/T3 repair price is negotiated step by step with the customer. No surprise invoices after the repair work has been done - we will ask for permission for everything.
  • In-house warehouse of spare parts and donor ASIC miners. You can choose to replace with a new or used part, depending on your Innosilicon T2T/T3 repair budget. No need to wait a long time for ordered parts from China.
  • Full testing of the ASIC miner after repair for stable operation and performance readings - will work at the same pace.

Approximate rates for ASIC miner Innosilicon repair:
  • Innosilicon T2T hash board - 16,000p
  • Innosilicon T3 hash board - 19 000 rubles
  • Built-in blocks of Innosilicon models - 14 000 rub.
  • Innosilicon control boards - 15 000r.

UMC service center can repair all lines of ASIC miners besides the Innosilicon T2/T3, we also can repair Bitmain, Whatsminer, StrongU, Avalon ASIC miners and their built-in, original power supply units.

And if you want to sell your ASIC miners to update your crypto park, we will take your equipment for trade-in or take it for sale.