Server power supply repair

Price 5 000 RUB

Repair of server power supplies from UMC

The service center for repairing mining equipment provides services to repair server power supplies, accepted technique as personally at the client in Moscow, and when forwarded by TK to our service.

Why it is more convenient to repair server power supply with us:

  • Predominantly original spare parts, new and used. Large stock of equipment and components allows us to promptly replace faulty parts.
  • Easy and fast diagnostics. We know all the weaknesses of server PSUs and quickly check for the main causes of failure.
  • Testing for stable operation after repair. Checking on our equipment.

UMC service center uses all the advantages of being part of a large UMC mining equipment store with its own warehouse. We always have:

1. Parts on hand for replacement - no need to wait for long delivery times for parts
2. We have a lot of current equipment passing through us, we are familiar with rare or on the contrary - the newest popular models of PSUs.
3. There is a technique for testing circuits and chips, checking operation at every stage of repair

UMC technicians will repair your server power supply, as well as are ready to take on embedded original ASIC miner blocks, universal power supply and others. More than five years of specialization in mining equipment!