Ant power supply repair

Price 3 000 RUB

Ant power supply repair - a reliable way to save money

Universal, powerful "Ants" are very convenient for their versatility, powerful models are suitable for almost any equipment, even for the most productive farms. And even new "Ants" are inexpensive, but even if the power supply breaks you can save money - do not buy a new one, but repair the failed one. It will be much cheaper.

How UMC repairs Ants power supplies:

  • With maximum transparency for the customer. The cost is always announced to the customer immediately after diagnosis, before any work is done. No sprawling invoice after the fact.
  • Warranty on repairs performed.
  • Only specialists with 4 or more years of experience with the equipment and components for mining work.
  • Free diagnostics.
  • Repair from 1 day, depending on the nature and complexity of the breakdown of power units.

Wizards at the UMC service center will fix everything! Not only universal blocks for ASIC miners, but also built-in Innosilicon, Whatsminer, Bitmain. Repairing a faulty one is almost always cheaper than buying a new one or even a second-hand one.

Having doubts? Email us, we'll give you a full price breakdown right away for both replacement and fork the cost to repair your Ant Ant's power supply.