Repair of built-in power supplies

Repair of integrated power supply units – they will be as good as new!

Masters in the UMC service center will repair power supply units of Avalon, Aixin, as well as all major brands - Bitmain, Innosilicon and others.

Remember, you can not turn a blind eye to a faulty power supply on the ASIC miner. In addition to power, the unit protects the equipment from power surges and is equipped with protection against overheating. If the block works, but one of the systems failed, the expensive miner itself is at risk, and its repair can be more expensive.

If all of a sudden the case of the unit began to beat slightly, the noise has increased, it heats up faster, and the cooler does not work steadily - all these are signs that the repair of the ASIC miner’s power supply is needed.

What kind of ASIC miner power supply repair we do:

  • Diagnostics - fast and free
  • Power circuit repair, circuit recovery
  • Re-soldering of connectors
  • Replacing fuses, relays, coils
  • Cooler replacement, cooling system cleaning
  • Replacing controllers, capacitors

Repair of embedded original power supply units are made with quality control, and after agreeing all stages with the client. We specialize in mining equipment, through the hands of masters is checking and testing all types of models of ASIC miners, components, blocks, so it's easy to specialists UMC to identify the problem and fix it.

We accept technique in our service center as personally in Moscow and by TK delivery from other regions. Sending back profitable tariffs TK to save money, fast return technique. Everything to make your ASIC miners not idle, but profitable.