T9+ control board repair

Price 1 500 RUB

Repair control board T9+ - inexpensive and fast

The control board can be called the "heart" of the ASIC miner, it contains the processor and the RAM, the network card and everything to ensure that the ASIC miner safely coordinate their actions. Because if the T9+ control board fails, it will immediately lose functionality and will not bring income. And since its failure will cause any component to malfunction, it is sometimes difficult to identify and localize the breakage yourself.

What could be the causes of a T9 Plus checker breakdown?

  • Power surge, when the fuse in the power supply didn't work
  • Software failure
  • Mechanical damage (contact separation due to fall or rough handling)
  • UMC is dealing with all kinds of ASIC miner T9 repair, including controllers and various power supplies.

Why is it convenient to contact us?

  • Proprietary stock of parts - new and used ASIC miners
  • Diagnostics within one hour
  • Warranty for work completed within two weeks

Proven TK delivery and shipping - you can order control board repair from any region, we'll take it separately or the entire ASIC miner by delivery.

Any suspicions that something else is broken? Be sure to write UMC managers, our craftsmen can fix any breakage!