Repair of Antminer T9+ hash board

Price 1 500 RUB

Bitmain T9+ hash board repair inexpensive and fast

Determining that your T9+ hash board has started to malfunction is easy, you can tell right away by the drop in performance. On the boards are placed the chips that perform the main computational work of the ASIC miner, it is on their work depends its profitability. Therefore you shouldn't postpone repair of hash board on S9, why waste time and get much less return for the same expenses?

Especially the T9+ hash board repair today you can get in a specialized service center to repair mining equipment inexpensively. The experience of masters to repair these models is huge, any breakage is diagnosed in maximum one hour with the help of special equipment.

Why it's more profitable to order T9+ hash board repair at UMC:

  • All specialists are engineers with great experience, vast experience when working specifically with mining equipment.
  • 100% diagnosis of all failures, elimination and return of ASIC miner to full functionality.
  • Repair standard breakage within one working day. No longer than necessary, we send you the equipment immediately after checking it.
  • We work with customers all over Russia. Accept clients with the technique as personally in Moscow, so they sent a delivery service ASIC miners.
  • Always in touch with customer - phone / messenger fixes breakdowns and approves repair plan.
  • If necessary, there are always replacement parts in stock, original new or boo.

Get your T9+ hash board repaired by professionals today inexpensively, and umc will be profitable again. Let it work for you, not idle!