Ремонт Ремонт ASIC L3+

Is it worth repairing the L3+ on your own

Bitmain has developed and released for sale the ASIC miner L3+, which operates on the scrypt algorithm. The L3+ model is deservedly popular and has a high hash rate and pays for itself quickly. But like any other 24/7 equipment, the L3+ sometimes fails.

An experienced miner can quite accurately diagnose the cause of the malfunction, thanks to L3+ software. But it is better to entrust the repair of each failure, even a minor one, to professionals.

ASIC miner L3+ repair in Moscow: a responsible approach

There are a number of the most common breakdowns inherent in this equipment.
The need for ASIC Antminer L3+ repair may arise due to equipment overheating. An indicator of such failure is usually a heating of one or several boards to 80C and the falling of hash rate to zero. Also the temperature sensor itself may be defective - hash rate is saved in this case, but temperature on all boards is shown as zero.

Faulty power supply or hash board is visualized in the status monitor by a lot of "-" symbols. If you have such an error try to replace the 18 pin cable or the power supply unit itself. If it didn't help, most likely the problem is in the hash board - you won't be able to fix it by yourself.

Failures caused by the fault of the manufacturer are repaired under warranty. However, when the warranty period expires, or in case of malfunction of another nature, you will have to repair the equipment at your own expense.

Many service shops simply send the broken equipment for diagnosis and repair in China. For the user this translates into a colossal loss of time and money. Our company is engaged in the repair of ASIC miners directly in Moscow: "flew" power supply, faulty hash board, failure of the control board - we successfully fix it all here and now.