Repair of Antminer T19 hash board

Price 15 000 RUB

Bitmain T19 hash board repair with quick diagnosis

Even ASIC miners as reliable like the T19 can fail, because miners are very demanding machines that often work non-stop 24/7. With such a load, any overheating, power failures can at first lead to minor malfunctions or even breakdowns. But this does not mean that you need to replace all the components at once, Bitmain's ASIC miner's repair can be cheaper.

True, qualitatively repair the hash board can not everyone who is even familiar with the basics of repair. It requires special diagnostic equipment, otherwise it is easier to replace the whole board at once than to look for the failed chips. All equipment for the diagnosis and repair of the hash board Bitmain T19 is available in the service-center of UMC and components are in stock for our masters.

What's convenient about T19 hash board repair:
  • Checking the boards, diagnosing problems within an hour of receiving the equipment.
  • Checking on special equipment before and testing after for quality repair.
  • If a spare part is needed - you can always get it instantly at the store, not waiting for a long delivery of original spare parts.
  • Video fixation of the equipment check, a guarantee of the working equipment.
  • We are ready to accept your ASIC miner with delivery from any city, we take for repair not only from Moscow clients. We are working with fast delivery and send your ASIC miner to the client on the day of repair. You won't have to wait long.

We work not only with Bitmain! UMC repairs all in-demand lines of ASIC miners, including also Whatsminer, innosilicon, Avalon and others. Our specialists have real and very diverse experience in repairing mining equipment, we know how to do it quickly and without repeated breakdowns.