Antminer T17 repair - from 15 000 RUB

Powerful T17 gives a good hashrate, and you do not want to lose this performance because of a failure, especially in the days of profitable mining. Every hour counts, is it possible to lose weeks to find out the problem!
What to do? As soon as possible diagnose the problem and fix it with the help of specialists.
Masters in the UMC service workshop will quickly diagnose the ASIC miner T17 and determine the cost and timing of repairs.

What kind of Bitmain T17 repair does UMC provide?
  • Diagnostics of chips, board power supply circuit, software for troubleshooting
  • Repair and replacement of control boards
  • Cooling system cleaning and preventive maintenance
  • Cooler replacement
  • Replacing and Repairing hash boards
  • Replacing hash board power supply

How quickly repair Antminer T17 in our service center?
UMC workshop has all necessary elements for T17 breakage diagnostics and fast replacement of the defective parts. The fault is detected within an hour or within a working day, depending on the complexity of the breakdown.

We always have a stock of parts for popular models of ASIC miners, so you won't have to wait long for your T17 parts to arrive. That's why we can promise repairs in the shortest possible time.

We can resurrect hash boards, get controllers working again, pinpoint the cause of failure - we'll bring your ASIC miner back to life even if it seems like it's over!