Repair of Antminer S9 hash board

Price 1 500 RUB

Repair hash board Antminer S9 - quickly and with a guarantee

We know all about the repair of ASIC miners S9. From what they can come to malfunction, how to fix it cheapest. S9 hash board consists of a total of 63 chips, stacked 3 BM1387 chips together, a total of 21 domains connected in series. Failure of a few chips will not immediately result in complete inoperability of the hash board, but will steadily lead to further performance degradation.

Identifying a faulty S9 hash board is easy: you need to disconnect the boards one by one and pay attention to the fluctuations of the ASIC miner's hash rate. It is quite simple and any hardware owner can handle such primary diagnostics.

But what to do if it became clear - the S9 hash board is broken?
  • You can bring your hash board to the UMC service center in person - diagnosis in an hour, repair from one day - you can quickly pick it up and return the hash board to the mine.
  • Order hash board from our warehouse if you are skilled in replacing it yourself.
  • Send your ASIC miner to us for repair remotely - we work with TC under the contract, so the cost of delivery will be at a minimum rate.

S9 ASIC miners are very popular, plenty of spare parts at low prices in stock, and our masters are experienced in practical repair. We guarantee the quality of the work!