Power supply repair apw3++

Price 3 000 RUB

Apw3++ Power Supply Repair - Return to Stable Operation

It is indispensable to have a working power supply for an ASIC miner! Even if it is working, but it overheats or has faulty protection against power fluctuations, it may not only break down, but its malfunction will lead to expensive or even fatal damage of the ASIC miner itself.

What are the possible failures of the Apw3++ power supply?
  • Problems with the cooling system (partial or full failure of coolers)
  • Power circuit interruptions (it switches on and off)
  • Faulty wires/leads

UMC fixes it all! Original APW3, APW7, APW12 blocks, as well as blocks for Whatsminer, Innosilicon, Avalon. We'll replace coolers, test all circuits, bring them back to life to work like new.

Diagnose the cause of your Bitmain PS failure within an hour - no long wait. The same fast repair works, all workbenches are equipped with special tools for repairing electrical equipment, ASIC miners, hash boards.

We're waiting for you to repair ASIC miner power supply in our Moscow service center! Not from Moscow? No problem at all. We accept ASIC miners, blocks, boards by TK delivery, we'll contact you as soon as we receive parcel - we'll test it, assess it, offer repair plan. We don't leave customers in trouble!