Refit Antminer S17

Price 22 000 RUB

Refit Antminer S17 - an effective update of the ASIC miner

Antminer s17 remains the most productive ASIC miner among its generation and price range counterparts. It provides a high hash rate even with a long connection around the clock, while its power consumption is not overestimated. This allows the equipment to pay for itself quickly and bring in increased profits. But you can earn even more if you refit a ASIC miner S17. This is replacing the heatsink with a more ergonomic one, which will keep the nogormal operation of the ASIC miner at high temperatures, and in some moments even increase the technical capabilities (safely overclock).

  • The standard cooling system does not always cope with loads and will wear out over time, the new radiator kit is more reliable and durable
  • Radiator will avoid overheating the chips even during power outages - fans continue to run during sudden power outage
  • The cooling fins are not glued to the board, but bolted down, making the ashik system more robust
  • UMC service center warranty for refits

Antminer Refit is an easy way to pimp your ASIC miner S17 with super performance and maximum power efficiency. Upgrade your asic and get more cryptocurrency revenue!

Replacement Kit:
  • Radiator
  • Screws and nuts
  • Insulation washers
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