New Bitmain KA3 ASIC miner on the Kadena algorithm: specifications,release date,price

The new Antminer KA3 device will mine KDA coin.

Bitmain has not yet disclosed the characteristics of the ASIC miner. However, based on the announcement, KA3 will have a high hash rate - more than 100 Th/s, which is the highest among competitors. Power consumption will be around 3 kW.

This is not the first device on the above algorithm. Earlier ASIC miners from IBelink and Goldshell were released. The Goldshell KD MAX, the most productive ASIC miner, has a daily yield of $21.4.

Bitmain is the leading company in producing ASIC miners, so the superiority of the new ASIC miner's specifications over those of its competitors is expected. The cost is not yet known and will depend on both the sentiment of the cryptocurrency markets and the Bitmain factory policy.

Estimated delivery period: late 2022 - early 2023

Presentation of the new product will be held online on September 13 at 17:00 (MSC)

  1. You will be able to see the latest ANTMINER KA3
  2. Discuss the development of KDA ecosystem
  3. Learn more about ANTMINER KA3 performance and benefits
  4. Receive special offers from the first edition
  5. Get a one-stop guide to purchasing KA3 cloud computing services!

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