The number of BTC-wallets is close to one million

The number of 1BTC wallets increased. It approached one million (950 thousand) (Glassnode)

According to Glassnode, in January exchange balances amounted to 2.8 million, in November, they declined to 2.3 million BTC. At the same time, the number of bitcoin addresses reached a new high of 950,000.

Jake Woodhouse, host of the BTC podcast, offers a comment:
"People around the world are saving bitcoins because they see it as an opportunity to accumulate a severely undervalued asset that most believe has no value as the price falls. "Bitcoin is dead," cries the mainstream... Is this true? Obviously, many people disagree." (Cointelegraph)

After the FTX collapse, BTC owners are retraining to store their bitcoins with more caution. There is now a record withdrawal of the first cryptocurrency from exchanges with transfers to cold wallets.

Michael Saylor, one of the biggest holders of BTC, shared his opinion on the bear market. He recommends bitcoin buyers to relax and focus on the big picture.