Miners around the world switch to Bitmain's new KA3

Antminer KA3 from Bitmain - the most productive KDA mining ASIC miner

Bitmain announced its new Kadena mining device KA3 on September 11 and presented the device at an online conference on September 13. The device runs on the Blake2S algorithm. It has a high hash rate of 166 TH/s with a power consumption of 3154 W. The energy efficiency of the KA3 reaches 19J/TH.

The device is cooled by 4 powerful fans which protect the device from overheating. The ASIC miner is made of durable metal.

Profitability KA 3 is $ 66 per day, with electricity costs 4.5 rubles per kWh
Payback of 3-4 months

KA3 166 TH/s ASIC miner is available for pre-order!

From 1 piece - 6450 USDT
From 50 pieces - 6200 USDT

Shipment: December

As new hardware comes out, network complexity increases and cryptocurrency yields decrease. Profitability in dollars will depend on the exchange rate. Mining KDA on old hardware will not be so easy anymore.

Hurry to place your order for KDA - KA 3 166 TH/s!

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