Antminer T19 control board repair

Price 8 000 RUB

Bitmain T19 control board repair - fast, all parts available

Even the reliable and powerful Bitmain T19 sometimes fails and does not show the previous performance, especially when the control boards in the system fail for unexpected reasons. This can happen due to severe vibration and shaking, overheating outside or inside the system, a power surge when the fuses didn't work. Since the control board is responsible for the operation of all the components of the ASIC miner, its failure will lead to a complete breakdown and stop mining. The great news is that Bitmain T19 is a common line, you can always find spare parts for it, and our craftsmen have extensive experience repairing ASIC miners Bitmain.

Why it's worth repairing the control board at UMC:
  • Fast free diagnostics, we will check within an hour and determine the cause of the breakdown and the approximate cost of repair.
  • Parts are always in stock, the service center at the mining equipment store allows you to always have all the parts you need on hand.
  • You can save on repairs when replacing the control board - choose between a bu and a new Bitmain T19 control board.
  • Fast repair in 1-3 days depending on the complexity and number of repair points in your ASIC miner.
  • We will accept your equipment with delivery from any city. Our geography of work - all Russia. UMC are ready to take a video inspection and repair test for your peace of mind.
  • Not sure if the cause of your ASIC miner's breakdown is the control board? It could be the hash board, the cooling system, or the power supply. We'll identify the broken parts and offer a cost-effective repair plan within a business day.

Whatever your mining needs, we'll bring your tech back to life.