Repair of Bitmain embedded power supplies

Price 14 000 RUB

Repair Bitmain embedded units with troubleshooting in an hour

Original native Bitmain components are always the best option, it is better to replace it with the same one or repair the failed one. UMC service center craftsmen have extensive experience in repairing Bitmain equipment, including returning embedded power supplies to excellent working condition.

What kind of malfunctions can be in Bitmain Power Supply?
  • Overheating, cooling system failure
  • Cooler failure
  • Power circuit failure
  • Blown fuses
Trouble because of faulty connectors, bus controllers, diode bridges, transistors

How to repair PS Bitmain service center UMC:
  • Quick diagnostics (within an hour, in complicated cases a working day)
  • Mapping out the repair plan with the cost, discussion with the client (always keep in touch by phone, instant messenger)
  • After the repair of power supply for an ashik, check and quality control.
  • We are responsible for our repairs of equipment and components. Opty makes it possible to take on complex repair cases and always have at hand the necessary parts.

UMC also repairs S17, T17, S9, S19, T19 and all Bitmain ranges. We repair boards, hash boards with chips, change stubs, check contacts. The workshop has all the equipment for quick identification of a "weak" spot and repair. There can be no mistake. Profitable miners must work for you, especially now!