Antminer S9 control board repair

Price 1 500 RUB

Repair of Bitmain S9 control board inexpensive in Moscow

UMC specialists have hundreds of hours of experience in diagnosing, checking, and most importantly, repairing Bitmain ASIC miners, including, of course, the popular S9, T9+, L3+ series. Our service center has diagnostic equipment that allows us to identify points of failure within an hour and offer a repair plan - no long wait in a "hanging state".
So if your ASIC miner started to lose network, does not reboot or stops working altogether, it can all be a consequence of breakage of one key part inside - the control board.

What can break in the S9 control board?
  • Processor (ARM-chip)
  • RAM
  • Network card
  • NAND-memory

The most common cause of failure is overheating due to high room temperature, or when the cooling system is broken. Mechanical damage (board separation) due to too much vibration, shocks during transportation, during incorrect rearrangement. And unstable voltage, which affected the ashik due to faulty power supply fuses.

Bitmain control boards are reliable and firmly mounted inside the system. However, since ASIC miners are used continuously without interruption, mining around the clock, gradual wear and tear, even with normal temperature and vibration, is inevitable. But repairing the control board will often bring the ASIC miner back to life and save additional costs.

If the Bitmain S9 board is not just loose, but damaged in several parts, it can be inexpensively replaced with the original new and boo. Everything is in stock at UMC!