Mining farm of 8 RX 580 8Gb video cards from PowerColor

A great way to get started in mining is the assembled farm of 8 RX 580 PowerColor 8Gb video cards. Has a high performance. Condition is new. You can immediately turn on the device and immediately start mining cryptocurrencies.

The farm is suitable for home mining. It consumes less electricity compared to the asics. The design is easy to transport. You can install it almost anywhere, even on the apartment balcony.

The complete set of the farm includes: video cards RX 580 PowerColor (8 pieces), motherboard ASUS, processor Intel, SSD-drives 60 GB, cables, cables, 8 pcs. razers, power supply, fans, case with mounts.

A mining farm of 8 RX 580 8Gb video cards from PowerColor is worth buying because.

The farm uses productive video cards for mining cryptocurrencies
UMC specialists, based on their experience and ability to combine components, assemble the mining farms and check the kits. As a result, you get a turnkey design. Your new farm will start mining as soon as in half an hour/hour after the launch, after you enter your wallet data.

UMC (Ural Mining Company) has been supplying mining equipment since 2017. Cooperates with the leading manufacturing plants: MicroBT, Canaan, Bitmain. We work with proven transportation companies. Delivery within Russia. We test devices before shipment. We provide a video report.

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Name of video cards: RX 580 PowerColor 8Gb

Number of graphics cards: 8 pcs.

Motherboard: ASUS

Processor: Intel

Hard Drive: SSD 60GB and more

Power Supply: 1800 W

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