Mining farm of 8 RX 6600 graphics cards from Power Color

UMC assembled gpu-farms do not have strict operating requirements. They do not need low temperature, spacious room or sound isolation. They can steadily mine ether and other altcoins from home as well. They consume little power, so they don't overload the home network.

The turnkey gpu farm is a great entry-level mining tool for beginners. Great for those who want to understand all the details and get a good income on their own. UMC technicians will answer all your questions that you have during the mining of cryptocurrencies.

The Mining Farm contains: 8 RX 6600 graphics cards, ASUS motherboard, Intel processor, SSD+ hard drive, R-senda power supply, monitor emulator, cables and connectors, raisers, coolers, frame.

Why buy Power Color's 8 RX 6600 videocard mining farm?

The farm contains productive video cards for cryptocurrency mining
All elements of the design are protected from overheating due to the powerful ventilation system
You can always know what exactly is included in your mining farm, and which elements are better to replace after a certain period of time
All details are new

Ural Mining Company (UMC) has more than 5 years of experience in supplying mining equipment and components directly from manufacturers in Hong Kong, Malaysia and China. We cooperate with the best manufacturers of mining devices: Bitmain, Innosilicon, Canaan and many others. Working with reliable transportation companies. Delivery all over Russia. Before shipping we always test the devices and provide a report to our customers.

Call our experts and get free advice on choosing mining equipment and accessories. We are always in touch!

Name of video cards: RX 6600

Number of graphics cards: 8 pcs.

Motherboard: ASUS

Processor: Intel

Hard Drive: SSD + some required components

Power Supply: R-senda

Memory: DDR4

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