Afox B250 - BTC12EX BULK motherboard

To keep your devices running without downtime, you need to replace the boards and components that have already failed. Boards are relatively inexpensive. If you notice a failure in time, you can save money and prolong the life of your mining farm

Afox B250 motherboard is one of the key elements that can provide your devices with high performance.

Intel B250 chipset.
LGA 1151 CPU socket
BTC series products
System bus frequency 1000MHz
Maximum Frequency 3000MHz
Bandwidth 5 GT/s
Memory Type DDR4
32GB memory capacity

Why buy the Afox B250 motherboard?

If you have previously changed elements of your mining equipment, it is not difficult to replace the motherboard as well. However, you should not disassemble the farm without experience in this and not knowing the cause of the breakdown. It is better to apply to the UMC service center. Our technicians will identify the problem and help to replace the failed board.

UMC is more than five years on the market of mining equipment and supplies directly from manufacturers from China, Hong Kong and Malaysia (AMD, Nvidia, Bitmain and other factories). We work with reputable shipping companies. We deliver hardware and components throughout Russia. We test the equipment before shipment. We provide a report in video format.

Contact our managers and get free advice on accessories and their replacement in our service center

Chipset: Intel B250

CPU socket: LGA 1151

Product Series: BTC

System bus frequency: 1000MHz

Maximum Frequency: 3000MHz

Bandwidth: 5GT/s

Memory Type: DDR4

Memory Capacity: 32 GB

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