RX 6700 XT Biostar Gaming 12G

One of the most promising ways of earning money today is mining cryptocurrencies. Highly productive equipment is suitable for this purpose. Gaming video cards are a great option! You can buy devices and set up algorithms to find the right coins. We bring to your attention one of the most productive video cards - 6700 XT Biostar Gaming.

Standard CPU frequency is 2330 MHz. Overclocking reaches 2615 MHz;
Video memory capacity is 12 GB, which contributes to the processing of more data and creates a lot of opportunities for the user
Has 4 connectors, outputs images to the monitor HDMI, DisplyPort x3;
Cools perfectly thanks to its efficient cooler
Power supply consumes 230W
The equipment is backlit and synchronized with other devices

Why buy a RX 6700 XT BIOSTAR GAMING 12G graphics card?
This device will open the door to the world of mining in addition to its excellent gaming properties. You will be able to practice how to mine cryptocurrency, and if you want to change the mined coins. The video card costs only 48625P.

Our head office is located in Moscow, there are also branches in Irkutsk, Novosibirsk and Chelyabinsk. You can buy it by pre-order. We will ship for you this or any other model you have chosen. You can have your video card delivered. UMC works with the best shipping companies and delivers all over Russia. We provide a video report of the device checks. We supply directly equipment from reliable manufacturers: Bitmain, MicroBT, Innosilicon, Canaan and many others.

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Model: BIOSTAR RX 6700 XT

GPU: AMD Radeon RX6700XT

Process technology: 7 nm

Video memory: 12 GB

Memory type: GDDR6

Memory bus size: 192 bit

Memory Frequency: 2330 - 2615 MHz

Resolution: 4096x2160

Recommended power supply: 650 W

Cooling type: Cooling fan system. Protective panel on the back side

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