Nvidia CMP 90HX 10 G

Video card manufacturers, observing the trends of mining alternative currencies, produce special devices adapted to cryptocurrency mining for placement in a mining farm. Such models include CMP 90HX 10 G.

Main features:
GA102 graphics processor
Nvidia Turing architecture;
Hashrate of 85 MHash/s;
Memory 10 Gb
GDDR6X memory type
Processor runs at 1510-1710MHz
320 bit memory bus
Cooling by 3 fans

Why buy Nvidia CMP 90HX 10G?

This model will be a great video card replacement in your farm. It has a high-performance processor and when mining altcoins, including ether.

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Model: Nvidia CMP 90HX

GPU: GA102

Process technology: 8 nm

Mass Storage: 10 GB

Memory type: GDDR6X

Memory bus size: 320 bit

Memory Frequency: 1510-1710MHz

Recommended power supply: 320 W

Cooling type: 3 powerful fans

Weight: 1870 g

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