RX 580 Sinotex Ninja 8G

UMC always has a video card for computer games or GPU farms in stock and on order. The devices work efficiently, are based on new generation developments. They are a delight both when used for gaming purposes and cryptocurrency mining. The equipment is productive and economical. Has a microprocessor that copes with high loads.

Main features:
AMD Radeon line processor. The card has a powerful overclocking (frequency changes from 1167 to 1304 MHz).
The memory size is 8 Gb. Perfect for working with complicated software and complicated games.
You can connect up to 3 monitors at the same time (using DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI connectors).
Resolution up to 5120x2880
The device is actively ventilated with two ball bearing coolers.
It is recommended to be connected to a 500W power supply

Why buy an RX 580 SINOTEX NINJA graphic card?
This is a graphics card, which has not a big price for its power - only 20660 rubles. Now this card is in stock in Moscow, you can also pre-order it. This device is able to work for over a year. It has a high power and efficiency

UMC (Ural Mining Company) on the market of mining equipment since 2017. We supply equipment directly from the manufacturer. We work with the leading manufacturers of ASIC miners: Bitmain, MicroBT, Innosilicon and others. For wholesalers we provide individual discounts.

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Model: Sinotex Ninja RX580

GPU: Radeon RX 580

Process technology: 14 nm

Mass storage: 8 GB

Memory type: GDDR5

Memory bus size: 256 bit

Memory Frequency: 1167 to 1304 MHz

Resolution: 5120x2880

Recommended power supply: 500W

Cooling type: Active air, 2 axial fans

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