RX 6600 Sapphire 8G

Mining is popular among ordinary computer users as well. Gamers want to test their device for durability. However, not everyone is aware of what video cards are suitable for mining cryptocurrencies. To search for coins quickly and efficiently you will be helped by a reliable device, such as the RX 6600 Sapphire.

The card has the following parameters:
AMD Radeon processor.
Overclocking up to 2491 MHz;
Incredibly fast image changing
DirectX makes it possible to create great effects in games with 1080p resolution
8GB memory
128 bit bus
Up to 14Gb/s bandwidth
Excellent cooling system
Low power consumption
Length 24cm

Why buy an RX 6600 SAPPHIRE 8G graphics card from UMC?

This equipment gives a great profit. Has a low cost - only 33155 rubles with excellent performance. It consumes little energy, which will allow you to economically mine cryptocurrency.

Ural Mining Company (UMC) has been working in the market of mining equipment since 2017. Supplies equipment directly from the manufacturing plants. A lot of equipment in stock, if you do not have any device, we can always place a pre-order. We carry out delivery across the Russian Federation. We work with reliable transportation companies.

Call our manager and get all the information you need for free. Start mining with UMC!

Model: RX 6600 Gaming

GPU: AMD Radeon RX 6600

Process technology: 7 nm

Mass Storage: 8 GB

Memory type: GDDR6

Memory bus size: 128 bit

Memory frequency: Overclocked up to 2491 MHz

Resolution: 7680 x 4320

Cooling: Active (heatsink and two fans)

Weight: 1000 g

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